Free Download Dropbox 2021

Free Download Dropbox  2021 is a storage application and service that enables users to store and sync files online and between computers.

The system works this way, with this application we can save the file we have created earlier without having to carry it through Flash. So any file that we have stored Free Download Dropbox  2021, the file automatically spread to computers/gadgets we put on this application.

Want to send the file to the client but the size is 50 MB? Input to the Public folder, and then send the URL address of the file to the client. This program is a file-sharing application that is very easy to use because of the direct integrity with the Finder.

To share folders the way website, login to Dropbox. Then you create a folder in there, then the folder will be automatically on your computer who wore it well. Right-click that folder then there will be several options, select the Shared folder options. Input your friend’s email and after you have been approving synchronized with your friends.

Free Download Dropbox  2021 has a client is cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android)that allows users to drop any file into a folder that is then synced to the web and other computers.

Users can also upload files manually via a web browser. A free account offers 2 GB of storage. Additional space 8 GB of free storage is possible from the referral (by inviting friends to join the service).

Free Download Link Dropbox  2021 – DOWNLOAD

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