Free Download SmadAV Latest Version 13.8

Free Download SmadAV Latest Version 13.8 is an Indonesian antivirus that reputation has begun to upward push international because of its lightness and effectiveness.


Free Download SmadAV Latest Version 13.8 is designed as a 2nd layer protection on your pc. However, it acts as your pics first shield. It scans every plugged transportable device to your laptop specifically from your USB drives.


powerful Flash power protector.

removes conventional and new thumb force viruses.

Prevents viruses from infecting portable gadgets.

Mechanically scans portable drives


Password safety disabled in the free model.

Exception listing disabled in the loose model.

Every now and then scans and gets rid of valid files.

The vehicle update is disabled in the free version.

functions of Free Download SmadAV Latest Version 13.8

  • automated update online – SmadAV seasoned can perform an automated replacement with an internet connection every time there is a new revision. SmadAV will installation further changes mechanically without consumer command. Not like the unfastened SmadAV, you still need to do the replace manually via downloading the new revision in Smadav.internet and open the program first SmadAV to replace SmadAV in your pc.
  • quicker Scanning – Smad-faster can be activated to hurry up the scanning technique. SmadAV performs filtering by file kind so SmadAV only experiment the documents have been most possibly infected with a deadly disease. This feature may be very useful in accelerating the method of scanning without compromising the capacity of detection.
  • Exception listing – SmadAV Exception list pro has a function that can be used to ignore scanning the folder, document,, or a specific registry that you remember secure and should be left out. as soon As a report, folder, or record added to the Exception listing, then he can be not noted and could no longer be detected by using SmadAV as viruses.
  • Maximize / Resize show – in case you sense the look SmadAV nonetheless less high, you can click the Maximize button or by converting (resize) SmadAV size manually. Or if you feel SmadAV look too massive, you can click the cover Panel to automatically make SmadAV smaller by casting off the proper panel.
  • converting the coloration theme – SmadAV pro can alternate the color subject at first SmadAV green has become the color of your desire. in the topic color settings you can locate your personal preference of colors for the topic SmadAV. as soon as you change the subject matter color, the shade of all SmadAV show will robotically develop into the darkness of your preference.
  • income Use allows – SMADAV loose model best allowed for non-income use as laptop / own laptop at the domestic or non-income organization. while SmadAV seasoned model is used for participants’ SmadAV or institution/employer profit (companies, cafes, shops, leases, computer services, studio, and so on..)
  • Admin Password – in case you are an Admin on a computer network (together with cafes, groups, and so on..), you should limit the use of SmadAV by including a password to access the complete features of SmadAV. Users can nonetheless perform virus scanning and clean however will no longer be able to get the right to entry to the quarantine characteristic, updates, gear, and settings on SmadAV except having an Admin password that you have set.


Free Download SmadAV Latest Version 13.8

Title: Free Download SmadAV Latest Version 13.8
File Name: Free Download SmadAV Latest Version 13.8
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