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VLC media player is a free open source multimedia player also out there with 500 million downloads according to the developer Anya. Specifically, VLC media player is a great alternative other than Windows Media Player, iTunes, and RealPlayer. Lightweight, fast, easy to use and most importantly, can play almost all formats.

It’s been two and a half years running since version 1.0 was released and version 2 (Twoflower) featuring a new interface, faster decoding, support for more formats and the ability to play HD and BluRay. He was also still an audio and video player the most stable, flexible and lightweight. If another media player can play any format not common after downloading codec nyah, rotate it or reject it outright, VLC media player is capable of receiving so many formats, from MPEG file to FLV and RMBV. Version 2 also has the addition of important features such as support for 10-bit codes plus multithreaded decoding for h.264, MPEG-4/Xvid, and WebM.

Another useful feature is you can use VLC media player to preview the files that are being downloaded because he can play the part that has not been perfect from video files. VLC media player not only serves as a video player. She also has an excellent integration with streaming video channels such as Channels.com that gives you access to ESPN, Reuters, and National Geographic. Quite right-click or CMD-click on a playlist, select Services Discovery and Channels.com. Channels.com will appear on Your VLC media player’s playlist. Click on it to display the different category of available channels. Click on the desired category and a drop down list of all available channels will appear in VLC media player. Just click on the channel that you wish to view the streaming process will begin immediately.

The vlc media player also has hotkey support, and if you make the time to learn his shortcut, then it can be controlled without touching your mouse. If you watch the DVD or video files with it, this is not an issue. For music, the player is basically playing any file and have equalizer and playlist creation. VLC media player is not sinuitis iTunes as a media manager, but regarding file formats, VLC is a player that is much more flexible. You can even use VLC to convert file, and next to all formats and physical media that he can play, there is also support for streaming protocol and TV capture card.

The vlc media player also makes it easy to add subtitles to Your video files simply add the file the SRT to the folder where your video is stored, then he will be showing his subtitle automatically.

Finally, the interface has been updated to version 2 even though it remains functional. However, you can download the skin to change the look of VLC media player in total. Preferences menu fairly comprehensive without making it complicated, and there is extensive online documentation.

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