Boat Browser PRO 8.1 Free Download

Boat Browser Pro 8.1 Apk is update the latest version 2015 can you currently have, will now present to you have the Browser by downloading the Boat Pro v 5.2 full Unlock APK that you can use for free without paying.

Boat Browser is the best Web Browser Applications, responsive, fast and powerful inexploring the world of the Internet that you can use in your smartphone or android tablet. This application presents two versions of IE browser boat free (free) and BoatBrowser PRO (premium) both have the same functionality but with the premium version you will be presented a more complete feature.

Feature Free Download Boat Browser PRO 8.1 for Android

Boat Browser Pro has an attractive look and is easy to use and provide a more complete features including customizable display, theme options provided, support Add Ons, powerful bookmark management and Side Toolbar.

In addition to the latest Browser Pro Boat for Android also serves a variety of features that are very useful in moving on the internet such as:
  1. Support voice command and voice search
  2. Support for SD
  3. Support the Cache function SD
  4. Easy downloading files and choose where you want
  5. Switching the User Agent that allows you to open a website or web page in various formats
  6. Supports multi touch to zoom in on a page that you open
  7. Flash Player support for open video steaming (some version of android can not walk)

Download Boat Browser pro 8.1 latest APK for Android you can get here and the 100% run on version 2.2 or higher, enjoy the experience of exploring on the internet in the Palm of your hand by presenting a complete premium features that you can usefor free .

Boat Browser PRO 8.1 Free Download

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